LA News investigated the cleanliness of Coachella Valley hotels and ????

(NBC 4)

Sweeps month kicked off with Los Angeles TV station NBC 4 visiting hotels around Southern California, including Cathedral City and Palm Desert, to check how clean hotel rooms actually are. So, how clean are they? Welp, you’re not going to like it.

“Disgusting. I’m speechless,” school teacher Steve Steece of Covina, who was staying at the Travelodge in Cathedral City, told the TV station after they showed him the hotel’s dirty rooms.

Reporter Joel Grover also visited the Embassy Suites in Palm Desert in the report – in which he performed a “cleanliness test” that involved using an invisible washable spray on sheets, towels, and cups to see if the hotel’s cleaning staff actually changed them out. The test didn’t go well for the hotels.

You can watch the report below (some mobile users might need to click here) to watch – but, be warned, you will never want to touch anything in a hotel ever again.

(h/t Mike)