Planned power outage turns KMIR News into ‘The Blair Witch Project’


A planned power outage in Palm Desert Tuesday night quickly turned KMIR News into what looked like a low budget horror film

Assuming viewers wouldn’t simply turn to one of the other 600 channels they have when the channel went black, Anchor Thalia Hayden took to Facebook Live – with an alarm blaring in the background – to tell everyone about the “great show planned for you” that was just not going to happen anymore. She also mentions she has “no idea what is going on” and questions why the damn generator is not working.

Hayden then brings on Weather Guesser Ginger Jeffries – whose computers are still magically working. Seems like the building is wired pretty intelligently.

“It looks like a horror movie, especially because Gino’s here,” Jeffries jokes before the pair try to recall a story the station did a while back about the building being haunted. The tv personalities can’t recall anything about the story.

A few minutes later, it was Gino LaMont’s turn to talk about the blackout which is “almost exclusively in the KMIR building” and apologize to the “Chicago Fire” people who called to complain they missed the end of their show.

LaMont also admits the station knew about the planned blackout, but screwed up the whole generator thing. Whoops.

Eventually the power came back on.

“We have lights, we have crew, and we do not have news for you,” Hayden proclaims – which many viewers know could actually be the station’s slogan on most days, even when the power is on.