Watch KMIR get hilariously pranked with bogus “furniture workout” segment

KMIR gets pranked

Because “your health matters”, KMIR recently aired an interesting segment featuring Jack, a “fitness enthusiast”, who 7 years ago was a self-proclaimed 300 pound “tub of lard”.  But, after getting a job at a moving company, Jack got fit by lifting furniture and now, he is on the news to teach others to do the same.  Only one problem: Jack’s entire story is totally bogus.

Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, a show best known for their Dumb Starbucks prank last year, aired an episode this week that showed just how desperate local TV stations are to get content for their recurring sponsored segments.

The premise of the prank was that people would actually pay to work for a moving company to get into shape.   Professional bodybuilder Jack Garbarino was hired to act as a spokesman and was given a fake biography – including being childhood friends with Steve Jobs and volunteering with “jungle children”.   Then, the Comedy Central show got Jack booked on news programs throughout the southwest – including KMIR (2nd video below) to show off his workout techniques.

Here is the segment from Nathan for You (the local news part comes in about the eight minute mark):

And here is the original news story that actually aired on KMIR:

“I’m working my biceps.”