What kind of stuff does Obama get with his Thunderbird membership?

Barack Obama, who ran the country for 8 years without tweeting about himself every five minutes, has a new membership at Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, according to KMIR. So what’s he get with something like that?

According to the Thunderbird website, members get to use the 48,000 square foot Clubhouse, the 6,600 square foot Fitness Center (with massage rooms), and, yes, there’s a golf course.

There’s also tennis courts, some dining options, and a “Men’s Grille” and a “Ladies’ Card Room” – because it’s not 2017 yet, I guess?

But wait, there’s more! Thunderbird also has services like check cashing, valet parking, copying & faxing, and notary service available for its members.  It’s so much that one testimonial posted on the club’s website states, “our only concern is that the array of diversions offered by the club will dilute our enthusiasm for upgrading our home.”  So I guess don’t expect Barack to be picking out new drapes at the Rancho Mirage Home Depot anytime soon.

The general manager of the club would not confirm or deny if Obama had a membership there to the Desert Sun – so the only way to know for sure may be to keep an eye on just how many things Obama is getting notarized this fall.

Or maybe you start to see him hanging at the bar at Lord Fletcher’s every night.