Kimberlin Brown Pelzer’s TV ad calls Raul Ruiz a ‘lap dog’


Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, a soap opera actress running for congress who is totally a Coachella Valley local, is out with her first TV ad in which she calls incumbent Congressman Raul Ruiz a “lap dog”.

The commercial begins with Brown Pelzer dressing up a small  dog as a hot dog and floating the pooch on a large inflatable duck.

She then proclaims, “unfortunately with Raul Ruiz, we sent a lap dog to congress” as a graphic claims that Ruiz votes with the Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 91% of the time.

Brown Pelzer does not mention in the ad how often she might vote along Republican party lines, but she has said of Donald Trump, “I believe in this president. I spoke for this president. I believe he needs people in office that are going to help the issues that we put him there to get accomplished.”  I am also not sure she means by “we sent a lap dog” as Brown Pelzer has apparently never voted in Ruiz’s district.


Meanwhile, Ruiz is out with a commercial that doesn’t feature his shitty car – instead focusing on healthcare.

The election is 28 days away.