Kimberlin Brown Pelzer tweeted a pic of Palm Springs


Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, one of two TV people running to unseat Dr. Raul Ruiz for the Coachella Valley’s Congressional seat, has, thus far, not done a great job showing that she is, in fact, an actual resident of the district. Oh, but wait, what’s this…

A picture of Palm Springs! A #PalmSprings hashtag!!  A tweet sent out exactly at 8 am the way a normal person does and not a social media scheduling system would!!!  Sure, she’s not actually in the picture or anything, but hey – it does indeed appear to be a picture of Palm Springs and that’s a city in the district!

You know, that’s just the kind of thing that only a regular ol’ Desert Rat would do and, clearly, not just someone trying to pose like one.

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