Kimberlin Brown Pelzer interrupted lunch yet again to talk about voting


For the second day in a row, Republican candidate for the Coachella Valley’s (and Anza’s) congressional seat, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, interrupted lunch to talk about voting in the election.

Brown Pelzer says during the video that she is getting calls from “not only her district, but all over California” about voting machines being down. She doesn’t explain where this is happening or why someone from say Sacramento would call her about it, but she does take about 20 seconds out of her dining experience to pass along a link to the Election Integrity Project before, we are assuming, resuming her meal at a restaurant that that it looks like no one else goes to except for her and that guy with the hat on at the table.

Luckily for Brown Pelzer, the election ends tonight and tomorrow she can eat her meal without interruption.