Kimberlin Brown Pelzer announces she is running for Congress


Raul Ruiz and his terrible, terrible car may square off against a former soap opera star to represent the Coachella Valley in the 2018 Congressional Election.

Kimblerlin Brown Pelzer announced this morning on the CBS Local 2 News that she is running for Congress as a Republican (at least I think she did since that news program is on way to early).

Brown Pelzer is best known for portraying Sheila Carter on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful off-and-on from 1992 to 2006. Here she is shooting a couple of people on the show:

According to her campaign website, she has also built several successful businesses with her husband Gary including a sports fishing and marina rental business and an avocado farm along with a design company.

Brown Pelzer was a speaker at the Republican convention, joining the likes of Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr. in 2016.  Photos posted to her Instagram from the event including one posing with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn – who is at the center of multiple ongoing investigations into Russian interference in last year’s election.

And the dumbest person on television.

She also attended the inauguration where she posed with a guy who thinks the current President is a moron.

Her website states that, “she strongly believes that the district has not been effectively represented and that her diverse track record of successes will enable her to be a principled and effective, results driven leader in Congress.”

Brown Pelzer may be in a for a primary fight, as former tv anchor Dan Ball is also considering running as a Republican in the 2018 election.

Update: Dan Ball has weighed in.