Kim Nicol Trail | 5 Things to know

For the first time in 10 years hikers will be able to head out on a brand new hiking trail in the Coachella Valley as the Kim Nicol Trail opens to the public beginning on Friday morning. Here’s what you should know about it.

Where is it?

The trailhead and parking area are located near the intersection of 20th Avenue and Corkhill Road, which is in the unincorporated area of Desert Edge, east of Desert Hot Springs and North Palm Springs.

Here’s a map for you:

What kind of a hike is the Kim Nicol Trail?

It’s 5.6-mile loop that traverses across sandy terrain. The trail has moderate height gains, providing trail which help to provide some killer views of the open desert and surrounding hills.

Is it just for hikers?

Nope. The trail is also accessible to cyclists and equestrians. You are also free to bring your furry friends. Just don’t try to take your motorcycle or other motorized vehicles.

How did the trail come to be?

Through a joint effort between the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy (CVMC) and Friends of the Desert Mountains (FODM). A 2010 study identified 20 potential trail locations in the northern part of the Coachella Valley and those were eventually whittled down to the current trail – which is the first new trail in the Greater Palm Springs Area in over a decade. CVMC provided the money to cover the environmental analysis other expenses, while the FODM’s volunteers provided the manpower necessary to create the trail. The project also received support from Coachella Valley Hiking Club and Desert Trails Hiking Club.

You can read more about it here.

Who was Kim Nicol?

The trail is named in memory of Kim Nicol, who served as a regional manager for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In her role, Nicol was devoted to protecting endangered species and open space in theCoachella Valley. She passed away in January 2015 following a courageous battle with cancer.