Poor KESQ Reporter Forced to Use iPad Instead of Camera

brunell ipad

When KESQ purchased Local 2 a couple of years ago, we all assumed it would be buying not only a television station – but also the equipment that came with it. We were all so wrong.

During tonight’s election coverage, poor intrepid reporter Natalie Brunell was forced to report without a camera man or even a camera!! Instead she had to use the KESQ “Live Pad” (which is just a goddamn iPad). Now yes, shitty start-ups like Cactus Hugs have to resort to recording the news on their iPhones, but KESQ is part of a multi-million dollar news company!!!   Was this a dare?  A weird bet between Randolph and Mortimer Duke?  Some sort of avant garde TV thing?  Who knows.

Worst of all, it was poor Natalie’s birthday. Maybe this would be a good time to start sending out that demo reel Natalie.

UPDATE: Natalie won the internet the next day with an awesome Facebook comment!