KESQ Would Like You to Break Out Your “Hooters” on New Year’s Eve

KESQ Hooters and Hats

A tipster sent us this screenshot of KESQ’s New Year’s Eve weather forecast:

KESQ Hooters and Hats

The forecast is not at all important (never is, they are always wrong), but the wording above the forecast reads “break out the hats and hooters”.

The line is a quote from a Steely Dan song called “Josie”, but as no one really gives a shit about Steely Dan – most just assumed KESQ was interested in seeing your titties on New Year’s Eve.

Maybe next time, to avoid any confusion, the music lovers at KESQ will quote a party song that everyone knows. Something along the lines of:

I’m talkin’ bout – everybody getting crunk, crunk
Boys tryna touch my junk, junk
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk
Now, now – we goin’ ’til they kick us out, out
Or the police shut us down, down
Police shut us down, down
Po-po shut us – (down)-man

Or, maybe this was all just to distract us from how freakin’ cold it is going to be?!?