KESQ “iPad Reporter” Responds Hilariously on Facebook

On election night, Cactus Hugs pointed out that poor intrepid reporter Natalie Brunell was forced to report for KESQ on a goddamn iPad on her birthday of all days (because why would a media outlet who has been raking in the political advertising dollars spring for a camera on election night?).

brunell ipad

And while we have heard rumors that KESQ’s management did not care for our post (hey, we were watching…shouldn’t that make them happy?), Natalie seems cool with it. In fact, she may have won the internet today with a comment attached to a previous Cactus Hugs Facebook Post:

Brunell Facebook

Brunell commented on a post linked to a girl spending a long amount of time taking a selfie on her phone with “maybe it’s a live shot!!” – which is the best, most hilarious response possible.

Natalie Brunell wins the internet today.  Someone reward her with a camera and photographer!