Videos: Let’s get KESQ all the ratings with these alternate gun promos

It is sweeps month on the local TV – and while KMIR is busy doing whatever the hell it is they are doing, KESQ is bringing out the big guns.


Special Series #GUNSandtheCV airs Monday & Tuesday

Watch our 4-part special series #GUNSandtheCV on Monday & Tuesday:

Posted by KESQ News Channel 3 on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And while anchor John White firing off a round is definitely an attention getter for viewers, we at Cactus Hugs thought we would help our good friends at KESQ win all the ratings with these alternate promos:

BONUS: a tipster pointed out this additional treasure:

You’re welcome, KESQ.  Now go out and get all the ratings.

Also, please do not shoot us.