Ummmm, there seems to be a bigger story here than guns, KESQ

KESQ is bringing out the big guns, literally, next week in order to get all of the ratings educate the Coachella Valley about gun sales and safety. But, it appears they missed an even bigger story.

Here is anchor Brooke Beare promoting a story on gun safety and kids:

Watch special report Tuesday

Keeping your guns out of the hands of your children — watch Brooke Beare's special report on CBS Local 2 on Tuesday for the best practices as part of our 4-part special series, #GunsandtheCV

Posted by CBS Local 2 on Thursday, February 25, 2016

And while that may be an important story. There is something else we need to know the answer to.

KESQ Bacon

Where is all of that bacon?!?


Is it in the safe?  Does this place need all those guns to protect it?  Do they cook the bacon with the guns?  And are they eating it with rice?

Rice guns KESQ

Oh, the writing on the safe also seems to be grammatically incorrect, but since these people have guns (and might be all hopped up on bacon and rice) – we won’t mention it.

Gun Grammar

Note: Brooke took a stab at giving us some answers (see comments below).  Be sure to watch her story on CBS Local 2 at 5:30 P.M. on Monday.

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