KESQ Asks Most Important Facebook Question


Thursday, KESQ took a minute out to ask a very important Facebook question (featuring a very tiny picture).

Based on the comments, it is going over well.

The question: “What do you think about the President’s tan suit?” has been responded to with numerous comments including:

  • who gives a rats patootie!!!
  • After a presidential news conference, this is the question you ask? smh
  • Dumbest question ever
  • I think it’s time to quit following KESQ on Facebook… news actually available here. If I want gossipy crap I will check in with TMZ.
  • Slow day at the newsroom? Next send a reporter to find the Teenage Ninja Turtles
  • KESQ- did y’all get hacked?

Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend and soon we will all be able to comment on the wardrobe decisions every night be KESQ’s anchor team.