Justin Bieber spotted swimming in Rancho Mirage


Justin Bieber has made his way back to the Coachella Valley.

While the singer normally spends his time hanging out at Target, grabbing a shitty burger, or getting kicked out of Coachella – this time out it looks like he is just relaxing (so far anyway) as he was spotted swimming at the Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage.

Cactus Hugs reader Becki Thayer sent in this photo with her and The Biebs (plus her son who was just too busy grabbing a meal to be photographed).

(Becki Dean Thayer)
(Becki Dean Thayer)

Becki tells us that Bieber was  very friendly and accommodating.

Here is a another photo of Bieber at the pool:


As news of Bieber being in town spreads, his fans have begun to freak out.

No word on what the singer’s plans are or how long he will be in the Desert – but who knows, maybe he just came to town to take a dump in Leo DiCaprio’s toilet the same day Leo wins the Oscar?

UPDATE: Bieber also went to McDonald’s.  McDonald’s?