Just make El Paseo MAGA Land

Have you seen the new pro-Trump / anti-socialism window display on El Paseo? It’s got everything: an angry Donald Trump shaking his fist, a bunch of naked mannequins wearing MAGA hats, and the heads of a bunch of Democrats with an “X” over their mouths with an old scrolling messaging decrying socialism. It’s Sean Hannity’s TV show come to life and it’s freakin’ perfect for El Paseo.

Look, El Paseo needs to do something. Balloons didn’t do the trick and it doesn’t look like five-story buildings will either, so why not just go full MAGA? Clearly, Denise Roberge has shown with her window display, she’s in for it – and plenty of people who live in those mansions nearby would probably love it so much, they might even leave their country club every once in a while.

I mean, think of the possibilities for the street! Toby Keith could open a bar, public chants of “lock her up” would greet shoppers as they strolled around, you can easily replace the yellow shuttle carts with this thing, and it would be guaranteed that every TV would be blocked from showing all that “fake news” on CNN.  Plus, it’s far enough away from the windmills, so you don’t have to worry about getting cancer.

Your grandparents are going to freakin’ love it.

And while the cost for such a changeover might seem costly, there is no need to worry about that as, surely, Mexico will pay for it.