Just make El Paseo MAGA Land

Have you seen the new pro-Trump / anti-socialism window display on El Paseo? It’s got everything: an angry Donald Trump shaking his fist, a bunch of naked mannequins wearing MAGA hats, and the heads of a bunch of Democrats with an “X” over their mouths with an old scrolling messaging decrying socialism. It’s Sean Hannity’s TV show come to life and it’s freakin’ perfect for El Paseo.

Look, El Paseo needs to do something. Balloons didn’t do the trick and it doesn’t look like five-story buildings will either, so why not just go full MAGA? Clearly, Denise Roberge has shown with her window display, she’s in for it – and plenty of people who live in those mansions nearby would probably love it so much, they might even leave their country club every once in a while.

I mean, think of the possibilities for the street! Toby Keith could open a bar, public chants of “lock her up” would greet shoppers as they strolled around, you can easily replace the yellow shuttle carts with this thing, and it would be guaranteed that every TV would be blocked from showing all that “fake news” on CNN.  Plus, it’s far enough away from the windmills, so you don’t have to worry about getting cancer.

Your grandparents are going to freakin’ love it.

And while the cost for such a changeover might seem costly, there is no need to worry about that as, surely, Mexico will pay for it.


  1. Last ditch effort for attention by a poorly attended business. $5 says she is not in business next year at this time.

  2. Haha. Great article. What an embarrassment to have such a disgusting display. I wish that her business dies an awful death.

  3. Denise is one of the few who have managed to stay in business for many years! I wish everyone who is in business to be successful-that is the backbone of our country.

  4. Love the satire of this article. Too bad some don’t have the open mind to accept different views, like we had to the prior 8 years. We all should be happy to see efforts to make America better, and denounce socialism.

  5. I LOVE her freedom of expression!!! If ya gotta hate something, socialism is a GREAT place to start!

  6. Socialism is not Communism. And, US had Socialism when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt started Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment benefits,etc. These Democratic programs are used and appreciated by everyone.
    The thing we should hate is the ignorance and stupidity that would make someone vote for a
    Trump. The store must be desperate, and obviously has no taste or sense.

  7. This display is SO appropriate for El Paseo. I hope that MAGA visitors are educated as to which part of the valley to spend their time and money.

  8. El Paseo depends on the tourist trade that is diversified. Doubt if Saks 5th Ave, “Tommy Bahamas”, and all the other national chains appreciate a promotion that celebrates a wanna be dictator who loves PUTIN, Kim, and every other brown shirt who hate a free press, and the rule of law ( that tens of 1000’s of our young men & women have died for) in a democracy. El Paseo should stage a protest in front of the store until she removes the “ Ode to Trump”!!!

  9. That display is absolute freedom of speech.
    I do believe we still have the 1st Amendment..
    I love it……

  10. Considering the slant of this publication, it’s surprising that most of the comments are in support of this display. I’m as liberal as they come, but I wouldn’t shop at a store that had so much political baggage, even if I agreed with it. Geez, don’t we get enough of this crap 24 hours a day without being slapped in the face with it as we’re shopping. Yeah, yeah, . . . boo socialism . . . stupid libtards . . . save it for the comments section on Breitbart. I have a hunch the owner of this shop is one of those women whose rich husband funds her store through good times and bad just to have some time to himself at the massage parlor. Yay capitalism!

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