Woman gets her shitty, 2-carat engagement ring back after flushing it down toilet

(ABC 7)
(ABC 7)
(ABC 7)

A Jurupa Valley woman has her shitty engagement ring back on her finger after accidentally flushing it down the toilet.

Carissa Wolter, who has been engaged for 6 months, had wrapped the 2-carat ring (which, poop puns aside, actually looks quite nice), along with some earrings, in tissues while she cleaned out her makeup bag. She threw some dirty tissues into the toilet and flushed it – then she realized…

“I stood there in shock, like I wasn’t sure if I really flushed it,” Wolter told ABC 7. “Like who flushes a ring down the toilet?”

Wolter then (not surprisingly) got very upset and told her fiance, Kevin Winter – who, (surprisingly) was not at all upset to see all that money the symbol of his love for her go down the drain.

“He said, ‘Oh babe, that’s OK, that’s just material and we can replace it,'” Wolter told The Press Enterprise. “He was really supportive and not mad at all.”

The couple then took apart the toilet (oh the things couples do when they are in love) – but, they still did not find the ring. The next morning, they called The Jurupa Community Services District and two workers were sent to Wolter’s home.  The workers installed a trap in the sewer and, a short time later, the ring was found.

“The young lady was actually very wise and reading online about how not to flush anymore water and it helped her out a lot,” Daniel Cardenas with JCSD told ABC 7.

Wolter and Winter got engaged on May 6.  They have not yet set a date  – but probably already have something in mind for the gift registry.