Judge rules Pougnet, Wessman, Meaney transcripts to be released

(Rowan Palm Springs)

The corruption case against former Mayor Steve Pougnet, Developers John Wessman and Richard Meaney still hasn’t gone to trial yet, but a judge did rule Friday to unseal the grand jury transcripts. For those interested in what, exactly, lies in those transcripts, you will get a chance, but you are going to have to wait until next month.


The judge agreed to set the unsealing date for March 4, per the defense’s request, to avoid an “onslaught” to Meaney, Pougnet, and Wessman.


The decision came after two hours of exchanges among the prosecution, defense, and judge. The judge paused periodically to assess other cases during the two-hour span.

Meaney and Wessman are accused of bribing Pougnet with $375,000 for votes in favor of developments including the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel.

Meaney and Wessman face up to 12 years, if convicted.ย  Pougnet faces up to 19 years, if found guilty.