Judge Orders Woman to Walk 30 Miles After She Stiffs Cabbie on Fare

Woman Walks 30 Miles After Skipping Cab Fare

Woman Walks 30 Miles After Skipping Cab Fare

An Ohio woman who bailed from a cab ride without paying was sentenced by a judge on Friday. Her punishment: walk 30 miles, the distance of the cab ride.

Victoria Bascam was found guilty of taking a cab ride from Cleveland to Painseville without paying. The judge in the case, Judge Michael A. Cicconetti, gave her two options: serve 60 days in the clink or walk 30 miles within 48 hours (her cab ride was 30 miles). She chose the walk and was also sentenced to four months probation and ordered to pay the cab company $100.

Judge Cicconetti is known for giving out creative sentences. The previous day he ordered a woman to be “pepper sprayed” in the face, only he replaced the pepper spray with a harmless solution.

pepper spray in court

This judge clearly wants a syndicated tv show…or justice…but probably just a syndicated tv show.

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