Councilman and business owner take to social media to argue over parking spot

J.R. Roberts / DISH - Creative Cuisine (Facebook)

A Palm Springs City Councilman and local business owner decided to settle a dispute over a parking spot in the most responsible, adult way possible: by talking shit about each other on the internet. 

The Desert Sun reports on a dispute between Councilman J.R. Roberts and Joane Garcia-Colson, who operates dish Creative Cuisine, that started over a parking spot and, like so many things nowadays, eventually reached Facebook.  Here is how it al began:

The dispute, according to Roberts, stemmed from Garcia-Colson parking her car in Roberts’ parking lot, which is next door to Dish. Roberts called a tow truck, however says Garcia-Colson moved the car before it arrived.

“She’s been asked since she opened to not park in our lot,” Roberts said.

Garcia-Colson says she only parked in the space temporarily to unload some items.

One would think things might end there and maybe the two would just, oh I don’t know, talk?  But nope.  Garcia-Colson took to the Palm Springs Politics Facebook page to post that Roberts “bullied, threatened and harassed me”.

Editors Note: I have no way of verifying this, as one of the moderators of that Facebook group banned me and Cactus Hugs articles from the group because he is a crazy person.

Roberts then responded by going on Yelp to write “It’s not surprising that this place is always half empty,” about Garcia-Colson’s restaurant.

“I just got a dose of the anger, arrogance and nastiness that the owner is known for,” he added. “This woman clearly has anger management issues and I would not consider walking into her place of business.”

Note also: Roberts’ review appears to have been taken down – either that or the same guy who runs the Palm Springs Politics Facebook group has also banned me from Yelp.  Who knows?  Social media in the desert is bonkers sometimes.

But now, after all the angry typing, it looks like the two have blown off enough steam online and have decided to begin the process of settling their differences.

“J.R. and I have begun a positive dialogue,” Garcia-Colson told the Desert Sun on Wednesday.

“Had we done this earlier this entire unfortunate event could have been avoided,” said.

Palm Springs, what a town!