Joshua Tree warns drivers to be careful after 3 desert tortoises were run over in the past week

(NPS / Brad Sutton)

Joshua Tree National Park is packed this time of year – which means plenty of cars inside the park. The increased number of visitors combined with animals out enjoying the bounty of the spring bloom, officials are warning drivers to watch out for animals while cruising around the park.

Park officials announced in a news release that three desert tortoises have been killed by vehicles in the past week – two of the tortoises were run over by vehicles in a campground.

Desert tortoises are listed as a “threatened” specials and the park regularly monitors the tortoise population within its borders.

Drivers are warned to drive with caution and be on the lookout for not only tortoises but any and all wildlife in the park and are reminded that objects that may look like a rock or branch on the road could be one of the park’s resident critters.