Joshua Tree man arrested for strong arm robbery of 2 cans of beer

No word on what kind of beer it was
No word on what kind of beer it was

A Joshua Tree man was arrested on Tuesday night on strong arm robbery after police say he attempted to steal 2 cans of beer from a Joshua Tree liquor store.

Randall Piearcy, 30, went to Mike’s Liquor in downtown Joshua Tree and purchased a pack of cigarettes – but, as he was leaving the store, the owner noticed a couple of cans of beer in his pockets that he did not pay for, according to Z107.7.

Mike's Liquor

The owner confronted Piearcy, who raised a fist to her and threatened her.

The owner backed off and began calling the cops – but Piearcy came at her again with a clenched fist before leaving the store and driving away.

Police were able to track down Piearcy, thanks to a witness who saw where he drove to, and he was arrested on Capilla Avenue in Joshua Tree.

Piearcy, who was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon, was arrested for investigation of strong arm robbery. He is being held without bail for violating his parole.

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