Johnny Bench doesn’t seem to know how Palm Springs Airport parking works

Johnny Bench, a Hall of Fame catcher and star of what could’ve been a really weird reality show, had a little issue at the Palm Springs airport on Thursday.

The former ballplayer, who may be a crazy person, tweeted that he received a parking ticket at the airport Thursday because he left his car (WHICH WAS 30 FEET AWAY!!!!) unattended.

Yeah, I mean, I’m not one to wish anyone to get a ticket, but it does seem like Bench broke the rules there – since, you know, the airport frowns on unattended vehicles because of traffic and, more importantly, the threat of terrorism.

I mean, I would like to leave my car wherever the hell I wanted when picking someone up at Palm Springs or any airport, but that’s just not allowed, man.  It’s a bummer, but much like a batter with two strikes being called out when he fouls off a bunt, rules are rules.

Of course this probably wouldn’t have been an issue if someone was selling churros in the cell phone parking lot.

Why? I don’t know, really. I just know that idea is gold.