Video: KESQ’s Joe Galli loses it on a Date Fest ride

Galli coaster

KESQ reporter Joe Galli, yes that Joe Galli, spent a little time at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival this weekend.  He did everything someone with a camera, media pass to jump the line, and need to build up a demo reel would do: ride a camel and freak out on a carnival ride.

Watch Galli, dubbed “The King of Drama” by anchor John White, as he rides the “Turbo Force Extreme”:

Reporter freaks out on carnival ride on live TV

Yes, it is that scary.

Posted by Joe Galli on Friday, February 19, 2016

As anchor Karen Devine notes, after “a lot of screaming and belly aching” Galli appears to survive – but wait! It is not over.

The ride begins going backwards, which gets the self-proclaimed “lazier guy” dizzy or, in the words of  White, “shaken not stirred.”