Mountain snow is beautiful and fun (provided jerks don’t leave piles of trash in it)

Snow trash
This past weekend was a glorious time to visit the Southern California mountains, seeing as how El Niño had dumped lots of the white stuff up there – unfortunately, not everyone realizes that nature, unlike say Disneyland or your mom’s house, does not have someone on hand to clean up after your filthy, lazy ass.

Big Bear Lake had a record numbers of skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes over the weekend – to the tune of 18,000 guests at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit just on Saturday, reports The Grizzly.

Of course, there were also a ton of people the headed to the mountains for a little sledding and snowplay as well. Unfortunately, as 10 News noticed, this included quite a few assholes who were too lazy (or too stupid) to clean up after themselves.

The TV station went to Mt. Laguna in east San Diego County and saw everything from wrappers and bags from fast food joints to broken sleds to USPS priority mail boxes (which were used as sleds) just left behind by people because, yeah sure, someone will pick it up.