Some jerk left nine cats in a Palm Springs storage unit

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Palm Springs Police are investigating after nine cats were found locked inside a storage unit.

Lora Mattal told KESQ that she heard a meow coming from the unit and alerted the management of StorAmerica Self Storage, who claimed they called the tenant of the unit. Three days later, Mattal could still hear the meowing and decided to act.

“I went to my unit and I got my bolt cutters. The lock is right there,” she told the TV station. “I open the door and there (were) nine cats locked in cages. One of them was dead and his foot was stuck in the cage because he had been trying to get out.”

One of the cats was was dead. The other eight were taken to Palm Springs Animal Shelter and are reportedly doing well.

So far, no charges have been filed against the person who rented the storage unit.