Jeff Stone is bailing on his elected position to serve in the Trump administration


Jeff Stone, an Airbnb king who is also your uncle’s Facebook feed come to life, is leaving his position as a California State Senator to work in the totally-functional Trump administration, reports KESQ.

State Senator Jeff Stone is vacating his State Senate seat on November 1st to take a job with the Trump administration. According to a news release sent out this afternoon, Stone has accepted an appointment to serve as the Western Regional Director of the United States Department of Labor.

Stone will begin his new position on November 1st, the same day he is set to resign.

“I am deeply honored to be appointed by the President and look forward to continuing my public service in this new and exciting position,” said Senator Stone. “The nation under President Trump is experiencing unprecedented economic growth that requires a highly trained and skilled workforce. I look forward to supporting Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia to advance the Department’s mission of fostering the training of America’s workforce and protecting the interests of America’s wage earners, job seekers, and retirees.

Just more good news for people who donated money to his campaign.  No word on who his replacement might be, but a potted plant might actually get more done than Stone has in his five years on the job.