Jeff Stone has caved to the snow birds

California State Senator Jeff Stone has already backed down from his proposed “snow bird tax” which would have had rich, part-timers of the state foot the bill on taxes while non-rich residents of the state pay nothing.

Via the Desert Sun:

The valley’s so-called “snowbirds” — the part-time residents who travel to the desert to escape harsh climates elsewhere — banded together when they heard about Stone’s proposed legislation that could force them to pay California income taxes. They organized signature campaigns at local restaurants and wrote dozens of letters to The Desert Sun following the newspaper’s March 6 story about Stone’s bill.

Stone said the conversations made him aware of potential unintended consequences that could accompany taxing part-time residents.

“You know one thing about having been an elected official for twenty-six years is you come up with ideas and sometimes they’re great ideas and sometimes they’re not-so-great ideas,” Stone told The Desert Sun. “Your constituents will let you know and I’ve always listened to my constituents and tried to do what I felt was in their best interest.”

You would thinks someone could come up with better ideas or maybe a backbone after spending 26 years on the job, but I guess not. But, Stone says even though he has already caved from his proposal just two weeks after releasing it, it’s fine because people are talking about taxes.

But even though Stone is abandoning the idea to eliminate state income tax on a majority of Californians, he said he is pleased that his bill sparked a conversation about the issue. “I am happy that we have raised the issue of the high state income taxes that we have in California,” he said.

It’s a wonder why people can’t stand politicians these days.

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