Jeff Stone, an actual lawmaker, believes that people can be arrested for using a straw


The Desert Sun dropped into to a Rotary meeting at the La Quinta Cliff House where it appears State Senator Jeff Stone had some things to say about straws and heroin.

“In the State of California you can be arrested if you go to a restaurant if a waiter comes and brings you a straw with your can of Coca-Cola and you didn’t ask for that straw after January 1, but you can get a free needle and have someone witness your injection — thanks to a bill passed in the state legislature — of heroin!”

First off, no Jeff, you can’t be arrested if a waiter brings you a freakin’ straw – and why I have to tell this to a person whose job it is to know these things, I don’t know.

Second, Governor Brown vetoed the safe injection site bill in early October – which, really, is another thing that someone with the job of State Senator should know.

Third, is the what Rotary meetings are like because they sound awful?

Stone is up for reelection and you might want to be sure to mail in that ballot early as, who knows, you might get set up by your straw carrying waiter and arrested before Tuesday gets here.