Jeff Bezos brought some cool robots to Palm Springs


Jeff Bezos came to Palm Springs last week and brought some dope robots with him – which, I suppose, is a thing that doesn’t sound out of the ordinary when you are the richest man in the world.

The Amazon founder hosted his annual MARS conference at the Parker Hotel – which brought together 200 of the smartest minds in the world. Bezos calls the event “summer camp for geeks.”

According to Fast Company, this included two astronauts, at least one Nobel Prize winner, the former head of DARPA, NASA’s former number two, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Segway inventor Dean Kamen, and even Adam Savage from Mythbusters.

Bezos only tweeted on time from the event, but it was a good one. Here he is walking with a dog. A ROBOT DOG.

And, it looks like these things are going to be for sale starting next year.

In addition to the robot dog, Bezos also played some beer pong – with a robot. Which has to be nice since humans always cheat, but is also dangerous because robots are really tough to get drunk.

The conference is now over so if anyone working at the Parker notices one of the attendees left behind one of those cool robot dogs, let us know.