Jack White reflects on that time he took a baseball bat to his trailer at Coachella


It’s not unusual to hear about a musician or a group doing some weird shit backstage at a concert.  Van Halen had their brown M&M’s concert rider Led Zeppelin’s had the mud shark incident, and, for Jack White, there was that time he went all Negan with a baseball bat backstage at Coachella a few years back.   

White talked about the incident with Lars Ulrich of Metallica for his It’s Electric podcast.  Ulrich was there when White grabbed a bat and went to town on the trailer and calls it “one of the coolest things” he has ever seen.

The interview is below and, if you can make it through without cringing every time Lars calls it “Cowa-Chella,” then you can hear White explain why he went into such a violent rage before his set.  Spoiler: It has to do with an angry Iggy Pop.


So did it work?  Well, here’s White’s performance of Seven Nation Army at Coachella in 2015.  It’s pretty great, so give him a bat before every show, I guess.