It’s Trump Day in Southern California

Image: Marc Nozell

For the first time since becoming President, Donald Trump is coming to the state where he was once paid $6 million by a tribe to get the hell away from its casino.

Trump will fly into San Diego to have a thoughtful discussion with Dreamers about the impact of his immigration policy on the economy, their family, and…just kidding. Of course he isn’t doing that. He’s going to look at prototypes of his wall.

Now, call me crazy, I am starting to think Mexico isn’t going to pay for it.

Trump’s day started with the man famous for saying “You’re Fired” on TV canning his Secretary of State of his duties with a tweet.

And his day will end with a fundraiser in Beverly Hills with a minimum ticket price of $35,000 that’s expected to raise $5 million.

The itinerary, sadly, does not include a drive by the beautiful Palm Springs windmills.