It’s official: The Coachella Valley saw a fuckton of rain in the last year

If you happen to be around (and didn’t drift off in an ark during) the huge Valentine’s Day Storm From Hell and the additional low pressure systems that dumped oh so much rain on the desert this winter, then this won’t come as a surprise to you – but, now it’s official: This year saw a fuckton of rain fall in the Coachella Valley.

Via the Desert Sun:

California’s water year runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 — keeping winter rainfall totals within a single 12-month span — and the recently concluded period shows 8.84 inches fell at Palm Springs International Airport over the 12-month period. That’s 154% above the average of 5.74 inches. In Thermal, 4.23 inches of rain fell, some 132% over the normal 3.2 inches.

Yup, that’s a lot.

So what’s in store for this “water year,” well, weather guessers are predicting a “near normal” winter – which would be good for our roads and Tramway and, well, everything.