It sure looks like a wave pool is coming to Palm Springs


The recent announcement that Palm Springs Wet ‘n’ Wild had been sold was pretty surprising, but hearing that the Coachella Valley waterpark would be closed for an entire season was even more of a stunner. So what are the plans for the property? Well, it looks like there could be wave pool coming to the desert.

Pro surfer Kalani Robb posted an Instagram video this week in which the current pool at the waterpark is measured off.

And while that certainly won’t answer many questions about the plans for the park, the post was accompanied by “Yes @redtide83 [Cheyne Magnusson] & I own a Wavepool and Yes u are all invited ??‍?”

If you are unfamiliar with wave pools, here is a very large one in Austin, Texas:

Pretty cool, yeah?

Magnusson, also a pro surfer and star of MTV’s Maui Fever, told what he could about plans for the park to Stab, “Ok, right off the bat, I want to be straight with you. We had a meeting with our partners this morning, who decided that I can’t give you the technology we’ll be going with nor any explanation of what the wave is gonna be like. All I can say is that if I’m getting behind it, it’s gonna be legit.”

So a legit wave pool. Sweet!

He added, “It’s not like we’re building a mini-ramp in our backyard and we’re gonna charge people $5 to come and ride it. This is a feat of engineering and there’s a lot on the table and a lot of dough that it takes to make it happen. So as much as the frothing surfer in me wants to tell you everything, I can’t do it just yet.”

Guess we will just have to stay tuned for more info.

(h/t Rob)