It might hit 110 in the Coachella Valley this week…in early May 🥵

Because life during the pandemic isn’t already giving us all enough challenges, the Coachella Valley will warm up this week to temperatures normally seen in July…and it’s still *checks calendar* only early May! Good times!!

For those who haven’t checked out the forecast for a bit, here it is, compliments of KMIR’s Jerry Steffen:

Near 110 degrees! Already!! I mean…

Anyway, it’s now that time when we normally post that when it’s this hot, you probably shouldn’t go out and hike and do other outdoor stuff that you don’t have to – and while that is normally the case, it is especially important now as the pandemic would be an especially bad time to make rescue crews come find your ass on the trails and you should really be doing all you can to avoid the emergency room – as they are kind of busy with that bad virus that’s going around right now.

Seriously though, it’s important that we all try to be especially smart these days.  Stay hydrated.  Stay in the shade.  And, if at all possible, stay inside.