It is freakin’ hot! But, forecasters still claim El Niño is coming

Despite the fact that it is already nearly 90 degrees in early February, El Niño may not be done with us – at least according to meteorologists.

While a mass of high pressure is bringing the warm temps to the Coachella Valley, and all of So Cal, some weather guessers say that we could still get some rain from El Niño and these types of heat waves are normal.

“We always have a mild spell in February. It lasts for 1 or 2, maybe even 3 weeks, and then it’ll get cool and rainy again,” Alison Bridger, who teaches meteorology and climate science at San Jose State, told KPIX 5.

National Weather Service forecaster Steve Anderson agreed, telling the San Jose Mercury News, “We’ve got all the way through March to get rain. There’s plenty of time left.”

Locally, KESQ picked the worst possible week to air a series of El Niño stories while everyone else just went outside and enjoyed the unseasonably high temps on Tuesday:

So sunny #outnaboutinps #walking

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I had to have this…. #swan #palmsprings

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So are we done with El Niño?  Let’s discuss in the comments below…