Is This McDonald’s Minion Toy Cursing At Your Kids?

minion toy

Some parents are pissed off, believing that a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy is cursing at their kids.

NBC12 in Virgina claims that “multiple customers” have come to them pointing out that a Caveman Minion being distributed by Mickey D’s was using “off-color” language.

And what would that language be? Have a listen:

One parent profiled in the tv news story (below) believes the Minion is saying, “what the fuck?” – which would make for a really weird children’s movie tie in.

A McDonald’s spokesperson actually had to come out and speak on the matter (TV news is the worst nowadays). But, it was good to see they did it as snarky as they possibly could: .

“Minions speak ‘Minionese’ which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds,” wrote Lisa McComb, Director, McDonald’s Media Relations. “‘Minionese’ has no translation to, or meaning in any recognized language. Any perceived similarities to words used within the English language are purely coincidental.”

McComb then pointed out that the Minion Caveman is actually saying “para la bukay,” “hahaha,” and “eh eh.’”

The “report” is pretty damn ridiculous. Watch:

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side