Is El Niño finally bringing showers to the Desert? Rain is in the Coachella Valley forecast

For the past few months we have all heard a lot about El Niño – but, at least to this point, things have been fairly dry in The Coachella Valley. That is about to change.

A cool and dry weekend forecast will give way to a chance of some rain in the early part of next week:

The Desert could see precipitation as early as Monday, with a 20% chance of rain in the forecast. The most likely days to see rain are Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, both with a 60% chance of showers.

Palm Springs weather forecast (screengrab:
Palm Springs weather forecast (screengrab:

A lingering chance of rain will stay in the forecast for the remainder of the week – with Thursday and Friday being given a 20% chance of seeing some of the wet stuff.  No word yet on how much rain is likely to fall during the storms.

Bottom line: buy new windshield wipers now, before stores run out on Tuesday.