Is anyone excited about Palm Springs Restaurant Week?

In theory, Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week would be a rad thing where you could head out to some restaurants that you have been meaning to try and enjoy some food for a little less money than you would normally have to spend. And, while the restaurant, might not make quite as much money – it’s the shoulder season and having the place full of people getting a discount is probably better than having an empty restaurant at full price. The thing is, this year’s menus really don’t seem to be anything to get all that excited about.

Participating restaurants for Palm Springs Restaurant Week seem to be forced to offer three or four courses to participate – so, in most cases, you end up with some small crappy appetizer and a scoop of ice cream surrounding your main course – which, sadly, just seems to be the practice of most prix fixe menus regardless of if it’s a restaurant week (I get it, restaurants need to make a profit).

I have tried roughly a half-dozen restaurants over the last couple of years during Restaurant Week and every time I wish I would’ve just ordered something off the regular menu – which always seems to have tastier options and is usually cheaper since you’re not required to order a weird salad, strange appetizer, or a sliver of chocolate cake.

Look, I am all about supporting local restaurants and the people working at them who might not be making as much tip money as they did during the season – so I will probably be going out to eat a few times over the next couple of weeks and I recommend you do too – but you might want to stay away from those disappointing Restaurant Week prix fixe menus.