Is $1 million worth of curbs and crosswalks the thing that will Make El Paseo Great Again?

El Paseo, Palm Desert’s slowing dying shopping and restaurant district, has been looking for ways to save itself from a slow death for as long as we can remember – with plans ranging from  a movie theatertaller buildings, professional offices, piano bars, and balloons!  So far, none of the plans have seemed to catch fire with the public in Making El Paseo Great Again (#MEPGA), but now, news comes that city plans on spending nearly a million dollars on the street for changes to curbs and crosswalks – if only they can find a contractor willing to take their money.

Via the Desert Sun:

But first, the city must find a contractor for the estimated $950,000 in pedestrian improvements officials want to see done in time for the Oct. 27 Golf Cart Parade that draws hundreds to El Paseo.

The project was put out to bid in July and five contractors purchased bid packages, but on the Aug. 6 deadline no applications were received, Public Works Director Tom Garcia said.

When contacted by staff, contractors said they were busy with other jobs and concerned about meeting the tight schedule for the El Paseo project.

If the city can find someone willing to take on the project, the street will add new crosswalks, wheelchair ramps, and curb extensions at the intersections of El Paseo and Larkspur Lane and San Pablo Avenue.  There will also be raised mid-block crosswalks with flashing signs at The Gardens and Mamma Gina’s restaurant on El Paseo and Hotel Paseo on Larkspur Lane.

The city says the new pedestrian features are being added to just one section of the street to see how they perform and, seeing as how Palm Desert drivers already can’t figure out the crosswalks on El Paseo, it should be interesting to see what happens…well, if anyone will actually take the job.