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iPhone Users Are Smarter Than Android Owners: Study

iPhone Users Are Smarter Than Android Owners: Study
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Do you own a particular type of phone based on how smart you are? According to a new study you do.

Online advertising network Chitika found that states with more college graduates also tend to have higher iPhone sales.

Alaska (66%), Montana (60), and Vermont (59) have the largest percentage of iPhone users. Those states also have the highest number of college graduates. Meanwhile New Mexico (40%), Iowa (42), and Delaware(42) have the lowest share of iPhone sales per capita and a low number of college graduates.

Here is the map of the findings (state by state breakdown is below):

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Chitika also found that an area with high iPhone sales also normally has a bigger collection of wealth than those that do not.

The company behind the study does admit that its results “are not comprehensive” – due to focusing on states and not cities or neighborhoods. But hey, it gives iPhone owners a chance to talk shit for a while…so there is that.

Here’s the state-by-state breakdown, according to Chitika.
Alaska: 65.5%
Montana: 60.1%
Vermont: 59.4%
Hawaii: 58.7%
Mississippi: 58.7%
Connecticut: 58.1%
Massachusetts: 56.6%
New York: 56.2%
Kansas: 55.6%
New Jersey: 55.3%
California: 53.3%
Louisiana: 53.3%
South Dakota: 52.9%
West Virginia: 52.4%
New Hampshire: 52.1%
Rhode Island: 52%
Illinois: 51.5%
Georgia: 50.8%
Idaho: 50.8%
Kentucky: 50.5%
Nevada: 50.5%
Arkansas: 50.4%
Maine: 50%
Virginia: 50%
Oregon: 49.7%
Pennsylvania: 49.5%
Wyoming: 49.5%
Nebraska: 49%
Utah: 49%
North Dakota: 48.5%
Colorado: 48.3%
Minnesota: 48.3%
Tennessee: 48.0%
Maryland: 47.8%
South Carolina: 47.2%
Alabama: 47.1%
Ohio: 46.3%
North Carolina: 46.2%
Florida: 45.8%
Oklahoma: 45.1%
Texas: 44.9%
Arizona: 44.6%
Indiana: 44.6%
Michigan: 43.8%
Missouri: 43.6%
Washington: 43.6%
Wisconsin: 43.1%
Delaware: 42.2%
Iowa: 42.1%
New Mexico: 40.5%