Is Indio really going to have a mall that’s ‘second to none’?

The Desert Sun reports on Thursday’s State of the City Address, perhaps because it gives them a chance to self-promote their own Tachevah thing that will now be held in the city, during which Mayor Elaine Holmes also proclaimed that there are big, huge, insane plans for the Indio Fashion or Fiesta or whatever it’s call now mall which is currently, well, it’s not doing so great.

“There are serious development conversations going on,” Holmes said during her speech. “Soon, you guys are going to have a mall area that is second to none in the State of California.”

Okay.  First off.  Anything to improve the Indio Mall would be great.  But “second to none” in California???

The state has some pretty nice mall areas and surpassing the likes of The Grove in LA, Newport Beach’s Fashion Island, The Promenade in Santa Monica, the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, South Coast Plaza, and, well a bunch of other centers is going to be pretty freaking hard – not to mention that malls all across America are doing terribly.

But, a politician said it.  So it must be true.  Can’t wait to see those plans.