Indio busted a ton of jerks at Desert Trip using bogus disabled parking placards


The arrest stats are in for Weekend One of Desert Trip, and while there were just 28 arrests – five arrests for public intoxication, one for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and 23 people cited for “alcohol- related violations” – the Indio Police Department also did an outstanding job of busting 27 people for trying to use bogus disabled parking placards. 

There was a special detail, comprised of Indio police officers and Department of Motor Vehicles investigators, who were assigned to enforce ADA parking laws at Desert Trip, reports the Press Enterprise.

And enforce they did.

24 people were cited for unlawful use of a disabled placard; one person was using an expired, forged or counterfeit placard; and two of the citations were for unlawful use of a disabled person license plate.

Who knows, maybe from now on these entitled jerks will park where they are supposed to park and leave those spaces for the people who really need them?

Let’s hope so.

Good job, Indio PD.