Indian Wells spending $1 million to remodel Vue

Vue Indian Wells Bar

Vue, your grandparents’ third favorite restaurant in the mid-valley, will undergo a $1 million renovation just a little more than 10 years after it opened.

The restaurant will see the kitchen, bar and dining room redone, according to the Desert Sun. The city council approved $385,000 for kitchen renovations, $300,000 for dining room improvements and $160,000 far a bar remodel – which should really change the layout so people at the bar could actually see the view at Vue, seeing as how they sit you far back from the window and put taps, bottles, and cabinets in the way of the real moneymaker – see, I am no architect or designer, but it would seem to make sense, to me at least, to move the bar to the opposite side of that room and high top tables up against the window and *poof* instantly bar customers get a view at Vue – which, if you head out to the patio is really, really nice some nights:

You can read more about the city council’s decision here.

And, because I know your grandma will ask, I do not know if that Cobb Salad that they shake up table-side in those obnoxious plastic martini shakers will stay on the menu, but I would assume so.

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