Indian Wells Residents Love Those Government Handouts – to Themselves

Rest easy Coachella Valley. Sure your chances of being murdered are way up this year, but just know that justice has been served to one of the most hardened criminals The Coachella Valley has ever seen.

Michael Capizzi pleaded guilty yesterday to several criminal counts and was placed on three years probation. His crime? Using the ridiculous benefits Indian Wells landowners bestow on themselves without being an actual Indian Wells landowner. KESQ reports:

According to Riverside County sheriff’s Lt. Coby Webb, Capizzi altered a copy of a grant deed to show he owned property in the 46000 block of Arapahoe Circle in Indian Wells.

“His motive for creating the fictitious document was to acquire a city of Indian Wells property owner identification card…Capizzi received two suite tickets, four loge-level tickets and a parking pass for the tennis tournament after showing the property owner card at Indian Wells City Hall, Webb said. The criminal complaint says Capizzi defrauded the city of $950 in tournament tickets.

Capizzi, a Palm Desert resident,  also played 11 rounds of golf at the Indian Wells Golf Resort for the $35 resident rate, instead of the $115-$185 non-resident rate.

Obviously, the poor residents of Indian Wells would not be capable of paying for tennis tickets or full price greens fees without government assistance. I am sure if you ask many of the residents behind those gated communities, they would be more than happy to pay their fair share of taxes in order for each level of government to financially assist American citizens in need.

For someone like Capizzi to come and take advantage of these government subsidies though, well that is just too much.  I am sure hearing about something like this could almost bring an Indian Wells landowner to hop on his private jet and fly in from Canada to raise his rolex adorned fist in anger. Luckily, justice has prevailed and that Indian Wells landowner can sleep well tonight knowing that some freeloading Palm Desert loser won’t be drinking free wine with him in The Tennis Garden’s luxury suites next year.