Indian Wells Plans to “Approve” Food Trucks While Actually Banning Them

Food Truck

Following the lead of Palm Desert, Indian Wells is considering regulations that would virtually ban food trucks from operating within the city.

The proposal would require:

  • trucks stay at least 150 feet away from any business,
  • stay off all streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less
  • obtain a temporary-use permit if they are part of special events.

Or in other words, Indian Wells would “allow” food trucks to operate, only with almost no real estate to actually set up on.

And according the city leaders, these measures are necessary. Mayor Pro Tem Ty Peabody told The Desert Sun: “If you don’t have very clear restrictions … it’s going to be a huge mistake for the city.”

And Peabody clearly would not have a conflict of interest when it comes to the regulations, well other than the fact his wife owns Don Diego’s restaurant in Indian Wells.

Amazing how, once again, a city filled with so many conservatives, the type who constantly complain about government regulations destroying our country, goes out and passes government regulations.  But I guess those regulations are fine so long as it only affects the little guy.