In-N-Out Burger in La Quinta is coming together nicely

In-N-Out Burger La Quinta
The iconic signs popped up on the new The In-N-Out Burger being built at Washington and Highway 111 in La Quinta this week.

There is no official opening date as of yet, as obviously there is still a bit of work to do (like installing the drive thru menu)…

In-N-Out Burger La Quinta

…but, it looks like it should be soon.

Also, this is kid of a cool touch:

In-N-Out Burger La Quinta

See what they did there?

In N Out Burger

It sure seems like they are ready for pretty big lines at the drive thru:

In-N-Out Burger La Quinta

Cactus Hugs will keep you posted as to the status of the opening of the burger joint, which does appear likely to have good cell coverage…