In-N-Out Burger in Cathedral City? The mayor wants to make it happen.


Residents of the western part of the Coachella Valley currently live in a hell that is having to drive a few extra minutes than their eastern valley counterparts to enjoy a Double-Double and some fries. But, Cathedral City leaders continue to want you to know, they feel your pain and are trying to bring an In-N-Out Burger to the city.

“It is in the hands of the property owners and development team,” Mayor Stan Henry told Uken Report. “The city is supportive and willing to work with them as much as we can. I would like to see the deal done before the end of the year, but not sure if that will happen.”

Reps for the best fast food burger chain in the world have ruled out putting a restaurant on Date Palm and downtown, but might be interested in the area near Trader Joe’s – which would make sense seeing as the La Quinta In-N-Out is right next to a, you guess it…Aldi (there’s also a Trader Joe’s across the street).  The location would not only be great for Cathedral City residents but also those who live or are visiting the city of Palm Springs.

mmmmm…In-N-Out Burgers…*drool*

The mayor says that In-N-Out was close to coming to the city 20 years ago, but then the economy tanked and it didn’t happen. Thanks Obama*

The city might want to step up its game, though.  Earlier this year Perris held a social media contest for residents to post creative photos and videos with hashtags like #PerrisInNOutCampaign and #PerrisWantsADoubleDouble to get the attention of the fast food chain.

The campaing included a Facebook post from the city’s Mayor, Michael Vargas.


The Perris campaign hasn’t brought an In-N-Out to town yet, but perhaps it’s time for a #CathedralCityAnimalStyle campaign?

Your move, Mayor Henry.

*Yes, I know when Obama was president.