In a truly shocking move, Indian Wells votes no on thing involving CV Link

(Google Maps)

Indian Wells, a city that will make damn sure your hedges are not too tall, denied a request this week that would have allowed the neighboring city of La Quinta to annex a tiny portion of land behind a shopping center that would have allowed for an easier integration of the CV Link – which, at some point, is expected to be more than just a tiny stretch of path for cyclists and muggers in Cathedral City.

According to the Desert Sun, the city of La Quinta requested a boundary adjustment with the two cities that would have transferred a section currently belonging to Indian Wells behind the Point Happy Shopping Center, along the wash.

Indian Wells has voted not to have the CV Link pass through the city, along with Rancho Mirage. The La Quinta portion of the path is planned to be about two miles long and run along the Whitewater Channel from the section behind Point Happy to just east of Jefferson.

Indian Wells voted 3 to 2 to deny the request with those voting no expressing safety concerns for cyclists and golf cart riders who might venture west of the area and try to go around the roadside mountain (by the Cliffhouse restaurant) just west of the planned CV Link spot and, well, I am no expert on public transit, but perhaps a sign informing everyone that the the north side of the street is dangerous directing them to cross the street to where the bike and pedestrian paths are would work as a very, very easy solution?  Also, hire me for one of the extremely lucrative city manager positions immediately.  Thank you.

The rest of the project is apparently still moving forward while the two cities attempt to work with each other on a solution. We’ll see how that goes.